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GIS Services Policy

The following is the official GIS services policy for the Allegheny College geographic information systems (GIS) laboratory.  This policy will be instituted beginning August 1, 2008 and will be administered and enforced by the GIS Manager (GISM) and the Environmental Science (ES) department chairperson.  Please note that this policy is the same for students, faculty, and staff in any department of the college.  This policy is subject to change without notice.
“GIS services are defined here as a set of existing 1) map layers, themes, or documents, 2) geocoding, geodata, or geoprocessing tasks, and 3) web mapping applications or KML links that are stored on the Allegheny GIS server and can be accessed through either a local area network or the Internet for use in desktop mapping applications (ArcGIS Desktop), web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox), web-based mapping applications (ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth), or mobile devices (ArcPad).”
Students, faculty, and staff within any college department, both academic and administrative, involved in the following types of GIS-related projects may request access to GIS services:
  • a) academic coursework
  • b) senior research projects
  • c) internship projects
  • d) faculty/student research
  • e) special interest projects [by permission only]  
Due to security issues related to the Allegheny GIS server, project-partners from the local community and all others outside of the Allegheny community will not be permitted access to GIS services at this time.

Those wishing to utilize the GIS services must adhere to the following guidelines:
  •  1) at no time are users permitted to manage (create, modify, or publish) GIS services as the GISM will assume all responsibility for services administration
  • 2) responsibility for the authoring of custom GIS services (daata acquisition, spatial analysis, and map production) lies solely on the user
  • 3) a GIS services request form must be completed, signed, and submitted no less than 48 hours before custom web applications are published
  • 4) customized GIS services will remain “on-line” for a maximum of 30 days upon publishing unless otherwise specified
  • 5) a maximum of 25 users will be granted access to any given GIS service concurrently
  • 6) the GISM makes no warranty on the speed, performance, and availability of the GIS services as this is dependent upon server resources and network traffic
  • 7) off-campus access to GIS services will not be permitted (this may change once specific security issues with the GIS server are addressed)
  • 8) explicit credit must be given to the both the originators of the GIS service (datasets, tasks, applications, etc.) and to Allegheny College
Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned guidelines could result in revocation of access to GIS services.  The GISM and ES Department chairperson reserve the right to deny access to GIS services.  Click here for a list of GIS web services available to users.
For clarification on this policy, please contact the GIS Manager, Chris Shaffer at 332-2719 or Dr. Eric Pallant at 332-2870.