Office:    Carr 206
Lab:        Carr 225/225a
Phone:    (814) 332-2196
I am an epidemiologist and faculty member of the Biology Department and Global Health Studies Program at Allegheny College

I first became interested in epidemiology and public health as an undergraduate student here at Allegheny. Through my coursework I was inspired by Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and Sandra Steingraber's Living Downstream, as well as the story of John Snow and the removal of the Broad Street water pump to end the cholera epidemic in London during the 1800s. 

Since then I have completed my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in environmental health and PhD in epidemiology. Over the past ten years, my research interests have focused on topics related to environmental epidemiology. I continue to be interested in issues of environmental health and am also exploring new opportunities both locally in Meadville, PA and globally. Locally, I have been collaborating with the Meadville Medical Center to conduct a community health needs assessment (see CHNA). I have also begun several larger research projects looking at behavioral changes that occur during a disease outbreak, such as Zika virus or Ebola.

I love to learn, conduct research, and teach.  

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