Valmy Thresheree

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Valmy Thresheree and Antique Machinery Show in Valmy, Wisconsin is an annual event in Door County, Wisconsin. Valmy is an unincorporated town within the city of Sevastapol and is near Sturgeon Bay. This weekend event features an antique tractor pull, chainsaw competition, a polka band, Lutheran church services on Sunday, and vendors. So far it sounds pretty harmless, however, one of the main events (probably a big money maker) is their Mud Pig Wrestling competition.  You can watch video footage of a past events here here and here . 

This billboard will be in Door County from August 14 - August 21, 2016 so all Door County tourists can see what goes on at the Valmy Thresheree.

We have requested that the organizers cancel the Mud Pig Wrestling event. There are several ways that you can help us. They are in order of importance.

1.  Sign our petitionStop Pig Wrestling in Door County, WI

2.  Call Door County District Attorney Ray Pelrine or email him at and ask him to tell event organizers to cancel the event because it violates Wisconsin's Crimes Against Animals statutes.

3.  Take a selfie of yourself holding this sign and email it to 
  1. - Door County Chamber of Commerce
  2. - Event organizer
  3. - District Attorney Door County
  4. - Chairman David Lienau - Door County Board of Supervisors
  5. Send us a copy at too!
4.  E-mail or call members of the Door County Board of Supervisors and ask them to step in with an emergency ordinance banning pig wrestling.

5.  Write a letter to the editor of the Door County Advocate at telling them that pig wrestling at the Valmy Thresheree is bullying and should be canceled.

6.  Write or call the Door County Chamber of Commerce and tell them that pig wrestling is NOT a tourist attraction. or 920-743-4456. You can also see contact information for individual Chamber employees here.

6.  Make a strong but polite comment on their Wild West Facebook page

7.  Make phone calls to or email the event organizers and sponsors/supporters listed below:

Bernard and Shirley Geisel - General Contact

Ralph Bochek - Organizer, and principal of Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association (NWAPA, "Home of the Valmy Thresheree.")

Jerry Nelson - President Thresheree 

Don Rudolph - Vice President Thresheree

Brian Tesarik - Secretary Thresheree

Others involved with the Thresheree

Jerry Voelker and the Jolly Gents- Musical performers at the Thresheree

Lena Tractor Pullers Association