Waukon High School                 


11/22/17                                                                            Day B

 Due to the Federal Government's Healthy Kids Act, students need to take the items listed on the breakfast menu OR an egg sandwich and juice or fruit, to be counted as the reimbursable (free & reduced) breakfast. If in doubt, ask the cooks or check the dry erase boards located at the beginning of the line every morning.  You need to have your ticket.

Today’s Lunch:  Pork Patty, Roll, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans, Mandarin Oranges, Milk


Monday’s Breakfast: Cereal, Breakfast Cookie, Pineapple, Juice, Milk


Monday’s Lunch: Spaghetti, Breadstick, Green Beans, orange Slices, Milk

 All lunch money will need to be deposited by 11:30 if you want ala carte for the dayThe breakfast line is open from 7:45 to 8:15.


Please keep your lunch account balance current.  Anyone who has a $10 negative lunch balance will not be allowed to take a tray.  You may either bring a sack lunch or receive a peanut butter sandwich, fruit, veggie and milk for your lunch until your account is in good standing. Keep track of your lunch tickets!  You need to have your lunch ticket when you go through the lunch line, if not, you need to be at the end of the line and you are not to take extras or a la carte. This rule is for everyone to follow. 

For the rest of the month, students, staff and faculty are encouraged to provide gifts for teenagers in our community.  Please see the list of suggested gift ideas from the Allamakee County Relief Office posted in Mr. Scholtes' or Mr Rausch's room.  Donations can be dropped off in either of these rooms as well.


Anyone interested in joining the publications class next semester should go see Ms. Finnegan in room N119 to pick up an application.  Deadline is December 1st.

 The following is a list of scholarships that are now available.  Forms can be found on the website indicated or from the Guidance Office.


SCHOLARSHIP                                                        DUE DATE

*PEO Scholarship                                     12/18/2017

(female only, 3.0 GPA)

*Mitch Einck Memorial Scholarship                  12/19/2017

(WHS football player)

*Hixson Opportunity Awarad                           1/1/2018

(attend Iowa State, www.hixson.dso.iastate.edu )

*Timberline Billing Services                    1/15/2018

(have an active IEP or exited within the last 4 years, www.timberlinebilling.com )

*Iowa Newspaper Foundation                2/9/2018

(interested in a newspaper career, www.INAnews.com )

*American Legion & Legion Auxiliary     3/15/2018

(related to a veteran)

*American Legion Auxiliary                     3/15/2018

(female, related to a veteran)

*Yearous-St. Paul’s Methodist Church   4/1/2018

(attend St. Paul’s Methodist Church)

*Emma & Tom McDowell Scholarship     4/1/2018

(open to everyone)

*Waukon Feed Ranch Scholarship                   4/1/2018

(going into Ag Business)

*Lindsey McMillan Nursing Scholarship 4/1/2018

(going into the nursing field)

*Lion’s Club Scholarship                          4/15/2018

(open to everyone—emphasis on volunteer work and activities)


*St. Patrick School Scholarship               4/15/2018

(must have attended St. Patrick School)


*Good Samaritan Nursing Scholarship   4/15/2018

(majoring in Nursing)

*Waukon Dental Scholarship                    4/20/2018

(preference for dental area but will consider other healthcare fields)

*Maurice Kruger Music Scholarship        5/1/2018

(major in any degree related to music)

*Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship                    5/1/2018

(Protestant faith, attend U of Iowa)


*Check out websites like www.fastweb.com or www.christianconnector.com or www.studentscholarships.org   or  www.nursingschoolsalmanac.com  or www.scholarships.com for more scholarship opportunities.