Alice High School Theatre Arts

Act Well Your Part, There All Your Honor Lies!
Do not miss our Early Bird Summer Camp Registration & Auditions!
April 29th 1:00 pm!

Early Bird Fees will be $58.50 for one child & $36 per sibling.
We will also be holding auditions for the major roles in Aladdin, Jr.

Normal Registration for summer camp will be June 19th at 8:00 am!
Fees are $65 for one child & $40 per sibling.

This year's play productions
      • October 16, 17, 18  School House Rock Live, Jr.          
      • November 11  Veteran's Day Memorial                    
      • November 28, & December 5  The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds        
      • UIL One Act Play  - Secret in the Wings 
      • Senior directed plays in May

Contact Information:
Darleen Totten
Fine Arts Dept. Chair