Welcome to the FOBISIA Primary Games, hosted by the Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur.  It is my great pleasure to welcome all students, teachers and supporters from the region to this annual premier event and I hope that you all enjoy participating in it.

It is always a good experience when engaging in healthy competition and this FOBISIA event provides the perfect opportunity for all participants to do so.  Although success is always at the forefront of every participant’s mind, the opportunity to make friends and meet new people should not be overlooked and neither should the opportunity to engage collectively in positive sporting behaviour.  I wish you all every success and hope that you will celebrate the successes of your fellow competitors and teams just as enthusiastically as you support the success and efforts of your own team members. We look forward to joining with you in ensuring that this event is an enjoyable and unique experience for all concerned.

My thanks go to all of the staff of the Alice Smith School, both teaching and non-teaching as well as coaches, who have worked so hard on the preparations for this event to ensure that it is a great success.

 Enjoy taking part in ‘the friendly games’

                                                Best regards

                                        Val Thomas-Peter

                                                Val Thomas-Peter
                                                Director of School