Al Hikma Elementary School


The school was established in 1977, and is considered today as the largest school in Baqa.


Our School  House:


The school is divided into six main houses,  illustrating the  enormously rich and varied life each student has from first  to sixth grade, with 4 classrooms for each stage. There is also one promoting grade.                  


 The School vision:

As a cohesive staff  we work collaboratively with a shared philosophy   to create a warm, academic and motivating atmosphere that promotes  positive attitudes towards the teaching –  learning process.                           


 We are committed – Management and teachers – to design a responsible adult and researcher, who would get involved in the society with a high level of consciousness.                                                                                     

 The School I.D. Card:


Name of School: Al Hikma

City: Baqa Al Gharbiya

Institution Code: 318501

Name of Principal: hassan byadse

Name of Inspector: ahmed kabaha

Sector: Arab

Number of Teachers: 42( male: 10/ female: 32)

Number of Students:522

Number of Standard Classes: 19

Number of Promoting Classes: 1