Pre-Kindergarten program

of the Algonquin Longhouse, Inc. NFP

Building memories that last two lifetimes

 The pre-kindergarten Fox Tribe is the first step to fun and adventure for both child and dad. Simple craft projects and skills-based activities lay the foundation for a lifetime of fun.

As the starting point of the Adventure Guide program, both boys and girls can participate in fun field trip activities like:
Fire Station Tours                                Pumpkin Patch Exploration
Museum Tours                                     Hiking and Nature Walks

Making Chocolates and Candy        Pottery / Paint-a-Pot

Attending our Preschool meetings is an easy way to practice important communication skills and is a fun way to spend time together outside of the Tribe meetings:
•  Teaching the tribe a simple exercise
•  Coloring and identifying shapes
•  Growing a plant from a seed
•  And more!

When Father and Child are ready, they can continue on in the program and join one of the many Algonquin Longhouse Nations  for boys or girls.

To get started, contact:
Neal Moritz, Pre-Kindergarten Tribe Chief -