Carmel Leads in Developing the Hydrogen Economy

Carmel Leads in Developing the Hydrogen Economy The City of Carmel has been involved in testing a new hydrogen-­on­-demand technology resulting in reduced gasoline consumption and cleaner air. Starting in 2013, the Carmel Street Department F 250 pick­up truck was driven daily on supplemental hydrogen. The results have been quite impressive, with the hydrogen from just one pound of aluminum based alloy increasing gas mileage by 15 percent while reducing harmful emissions.

 AlGalCo, the company commercializing the Purdue University technology, notes hydrogen is generated on demand eliminating the need for high pressure storage on board the vehicle. The hydrogen burns with zero harmful emissions, and, since the source is from aluminum, it is completely renewable. Since hydrogen is considered by many to be the fuel of the future, it made sense to test the process in Carmel, a city well known for cutting edge innovation.

This new technology is one of many environmental initiatives Carmel has implemented. The city’s construction of roundabouts helps to reduce vehicle emissions and saves an average of 24,000 gallons of gas per year per roundabout.

 Mayor Brainard also signed executive orders mandating the use of hybrid or flex­fuel vehicles for city operations when available and enacted a “No Idling” policy for city employees. Among the many other green practices, the city has replaced all failing light bulbs in city facilities with LEDs as well as over 800 street lights through an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.

“The testing of this new technology fits in perfectly with Carmel’s goal to be a green city. We are always striving to implement new environmental initiatives and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this new technology,” said Mayor Jim Brainard.

AlGalCo, was Nominated as an “Innovation of the Year” finalist for the 2014 Mira Awards. Their innovative technology fits right in to Carmel’s own goals. For more information please contact Kurt Koehler ( from AlGalCo.

Article taken from Join Jim Brainard...The Road Ahead Carmel Leads in Developing the Hydrogen Economy