Our Hydrogen on Tap patented process is a vetted alternative energy solution.

Hydrogen on Tap . . .

Reduces the demand for oil;
Burns with zero greenhouse gas emissions;
Comes from aluminum which is completely renewable!

We produce hydrogen on demand simply by adding water to an alloy comprised of over 90% common aluminum.

AlGalCo was founded in 2006 and has the exclusive license to commercialize our patented new technology in which hydrogen is generated on demand simply by adding water to a solid alloy comprised of over 90% common aluminum. Our process eliminates the need for high pressure containers and pipelines for creating and transporting hydrogen. The alloy can be safely stored at standard temperature and pressure. As the feed-stock is ordinary aluminum, the spent alloy (alumina) can be recovered and recycled back into the original alloy an indefinite number of times by deploying 100-year old aluminum industry standard techniques. Any type of water will actuate the reaction.

Applications - the sky's the limit!

Hydrogen can be used to partially or in whole replace gasoline in standard internal combustion engines (ICE) and fuel cells. Commercial applications include range extender for all electric vehicles and fuel mileage enhancement in existing cars and trucks. Military applications include balloon inflation and JP 8 fuel replacement for generators at remote locations.

September 2019 - AlGalCo Announces...
Version 5.0 HOT (Hydrogen on Tap) Now Available for Installation!

After many years of research and development, proof of concept and beta test, AlGalCo is proud to announce Version 5.0 of our Hydrogen on Tap System (HOT).   

Version 5
.0 of the HOT system is 60% smaller, 80% lighter and approximately 70% cheaper than the original prototype while still delivering the same quantity of pure hydrogen as a supplemental fuel for fleet vehicles.

For more information or to request a demonstration of the NEW 5.0 HOT system,
email Hydrogen on Tap or call 317.775.1094

                                             Hamilton County Business Magazine "Running on Hydrogen"

Evolution of AlGalCo Hydrogen on Tap System
Introducing AlGalco's Hydrogen on Tap System, Version 4.0."  As shown, from Prototype to the first commercially available product for sale, 80% of the weight and size has been eliminated while doubling the quantity of on demand hydrogen produced. Supplemental hydrogen, now available for commercial and municipal fleet vehicles especially for those operating under some form of green initiative

Proof of Concept - 1Kw generator

Proof of Concept: May 2009

After reacting with water, the aluminum becomes alumina which can be recycled back into our original aluminum alloy. The other 10% of the alloy is a naturally occurring element discarded as waste during the bauxite mining process. It serves only as a catalyst and is not consumed in the reaction.

Hydrogen on Tap Hybrid Go-Cart ‎(UConn)‎

Hydrogen on Command (HOC)
Hybrid Go-Cart
The scope of the project was to design a power electronics system which would modify an existing hydrogen fuel cell powered electric go-kart to drive the 1.2kw DC motor with a photovoltaic (PV) panel, ultracapacitors and a battery. "Hydrogen on Tap" was provided by AlGalCo.

" AlGalCo First Product"

AlGalCo First Product
After nearly 10-years in research, development, & testing... AlGalCo rolls out its first product for sale. This first of its kind true Hydrogen on Demand system is fleet-ready, and offers a solution for your green initiative
  • Increase gas mileage
  • Reduce the release of harmful emissions
  • Reduce the demand for oil
All from a totally renewable, domestic source!