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Instructional Ideas, Lessons, Units and Full Course Materials: 

Tutorial Sites: (For in class teacher use or student work at home)

Creative and Collaborative Online Tools (Web 2.0) There are dozens and dozens of these tools so here are just a handful of the most useful ones. 


  • Framework for Developing ePortfolios
  • Rubric for Assessing Student Portfolios
  • Electronic Portfolios by Dr. Helen Barrett (PD provider)
  • Reflection for Learning
  • Framework for Developing ePortfolios by Dr. Barrett
  • K-12 Framework by Dr. Barrett
  • ePortfolio Academy (interesting flowchart)
  • Googlios (using Google for portfolios)
  • California School System PD for ePortfolios
  • Article on Digital Footprint and How to Brand Yourself
  • Directory of Resource Sites
  • Blog Post by a Fifth Grade Teacher on Her Use of ePortfolios
  • Blog Post on the Value of Students Blogging and Using ePortfolios
  • Carbonmade (e-Portfolios by adults for design ideas)
  • Teacher Example (offers examples of work that help students meet standards that we could do around Essential Questions)
  • eFolio Site for W & M Students Building Portfolios
  • School and District Examples of Student Portfolios
  • Creating the Structure of eFolios
  • 5th Grade Example
  • Video eFolios
  • Value of Online Branding of Oneself
  • Haiku Video on Setting Up Portfolios
  • Draft of Potential ACDS ePortfolio (Google Doc)


Google Drive & Docs:


Understanding by Design
  • UbD in a Nutshell Prezi (good place to start in your understanding)
  • Jay McTighe Site and Resources and his books
  • Grant Wiggins' Authentic Learning and his books
  • Article on Curriculum Review System using UbD
  • 6 Facets of Understanding
  • Examples of UbD'd Units (PDF download)
  • Example of Using GRASPS for a Performance Task
  • Definition of Essential Questions
  • Creating Essential Questions
  • Social Studies Themes (lead to possible Enduring Understandings)
  • Themes & Essential Questions from a School District
  • Exemplar Units and Learning Activities from a District
  • UbD in a Nutshell Overview (PDF)
  • A nice blog post combining discovery, problem and challenge-based instruction to the UbD process
  • Excellent examples of Essential Questions (go down the page and select the grade level Word docs)

Note: The following resources on concept-based instruction and lesson design system connect nicely to the Understanding by Design system. 


Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher: