PASCO Frequently Asked Questions

How do I....

  1. Best practice for changing graph display axis
  2. Best practice for saving and exporting data naming structure
  3. Auto size graph display to fit data
  4. Lock (or unlock) X or Y axis so they don't move
  5. Change the type of data shown on the graph
  6. Switch between graph, data table, digits, and meter display
  7. Change sample rate of collected data
  8. Change units of collected data
  9. Show or hide different runs displayed on a graph or shown in a table
  10. Take / add snapshot (screen capture) to journal
  11. Annotate or add text to journal page
  12. Save current experiment exactly like it is
  13. Export collected data for use in another program like Excel
  14. Why is my exported data missing, what doesn’t it show up in the Exported Data folder on the tablet?
  15. Export my journal for use in another program like Word
  16. Transfer saved or exported files to a USB flash drive
  17. Insert special characters or hide the keyboard
  18. Why isn’t my USB flash drive showing up?
  19. Get coordinates of a specific point or make a annotation to a specific point on a graph
  20. Add a line of best fit to a graph (linear, quadratic, power fit, inverse, etc...)
  21. Open the built in timer / stopwatch
  22. Open the built in calculator
  23. View Spark Element tablet battery life
  24. Change brightness on Spark Element tablet
  25. Turn on / off auto rotate landscape mode on Spark Element tablet
  26. Switch between front and rear facing cameras on the Spark Element tablet
  27. Use the built in camera to add photos or videos to your Spark Vue experiment.
  28. Draw a prediction or custom line on a graph
  29. Automatically find difference between range of data or between overall initial and final data points.
  30. Show data from two types of measurements on the same graph
  31. Add a column to a data table
  32. Import data into Microsoft Excel
  33. Import data into Google Sheets
  34. Make a graph from data using Microsoft Excel
  35. Make a graph from data using Google Sheets
  36. Add a line of best fit (trendline) to a graph in Microsoft Excel
  37. Add a line of best fit (trendline) to a graph in Google Sheets
  38. Manage or remove / delete runs (data sets)