Physics Labs

  1. Circle graphing
    1. Practice measuring, graphing, taking the slope, and calculating percent error.
    2. Accepted value of slope is 3.14159
  2. Marble and ramp
    1. Be able to recognize constant speed motion from distance time graph
    2. Practice taking the slope of a line with units
    3. Recognize a steeper slope indicates a faster speed
  3. Fan cart
    1. Be able to recognize accelerated motion from a distance time graph
    2. Predict speed time graph given distance time graph
    3. Recognize as slope changes (distance vs time) so too does the speed
  4. Graph matching
    1. Practice interpreting position vs time graphs
    2. Be able to read off displacement and estimate distance from a position time graph
    3. Understand that slope of distance time represents speed
    4. Recognize a curved distance graph indicates changing speed
  5. Freefall
    1. Practice using SmartGate to record time
    2. Practice applying kinematics equations to solve for acceleration
    3. Understand how human reaction time can impact recorded data
  6. Reaction time
    1. Be able to estimate reaction time using kinematics equations
    2. Be able to convert from seconds to miliseconds
    3. Be able to convert from centimeters to meters
    4. Relate reaction time to distance traveled in a moving vehicle
  7. PJM Table height
  8. PJM Nerf gun
  9. Hooke's law
  10. Circular motion
  11. Coefficient of friction
  12. Newton's 2nd law
  13. Colliding carts
  14. Collision graph
  15. Chair ramp
  16. Rollercoaster
  17. Horsepower
  18. Coefficient of restitution
  19. Electroscope
  20. Magnetic stations
  21. Ohm's law
  22. Series & parallel circuits
  23. Electric WEP
  24. Slinky activity
  25. Atomic spectra