Living Environment Labs
  1. Microscope Letter e Lab
  2. Experimental Design Alka-Seltzer Lab
  3. Graphing Practice Lab
  4. Acid-Base Indicator Lab
  5. Enzyme Cutout Lab
  6. Leaf Layer Lab
  7. Measuring CO2 Content Graphing Lab
  8. Does color influence photosynthesis?
  9. Animal Cell Lab
  10. Plant Cell Lab
  11. STATE LAB: Diffusion Across Membrane
  12. Online Onion Mitosis Lab (link)
  13. Virtual Cancer Webquest (link)
  14. Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab (link)
  15. DNA Workshop Virtual Lab (link)
  16. STATE LAB: Biodiversity
  17. Karyotype Cutout Lab
  18. Human Genome Poster Lab
  19. Cutout Plasmid Lab
  20. Online Click and Clone Lab (link)
  21. GMO Harvest of Fear Lab (link)
  22. Evolution Lab Part I
  23. Evolution Lab Part II
  24. STATE LAB: Beaks of Finches
  25. Online Paramecium Counting Lab (link)
  26. Constructing a Classification Key
  27. Human Population Graphing Lab
  28. Kaibab Deer Population Graph Lab
  29. SATE LAB: Making Connections

Ultimate Enzyme Catalase Lab
Chromatography of Leaves Lab
Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease