Computer Programming Course Outline
  1. Introduction
    1. What is a computer PPT
    2. GE on Square spiral
    3. PBJ activity
  2. Simple Math Skills
    1. GE on simple math
    2. GE on range function
    3. GE on powers and roots
  3. The For Loop
    1. Simple counting systems
    2. Changing "square spiral"
    3. GE on Pythagorean theorem
    4. GE on nested loops with Pythagorean
  4. PROJECT: Madlibs
    1. Allowed variable names
    2. GE on print formatters
    3. Build a madlibs story
    4. Construct a flowchart
    5. Write madlibs code
  5. Conditionals
    1. GE on multi-part mower
    2. GE on modulo odd and even
    3. Revisit square spiral
  6. PROJECT: Weight finder
    1. GE on getting input from users
    2. GE on type casting
    3. Practice calculations and conversions
    4. Construct flowchart of program
    5. Turn in weight finder
  7. The While Loop
    1. While loop PPT
    2. Type up and analyze basic guessing game
    3. GE on menu printing triangle app
    4. Introduce the break statement
    5. Revisit triangle app using while loop
  8. PROJECT: Printing drills
    1. Introduce the overloaded multiplication operand
    2. Turn in drill 1 completed
  9. Functions
    1. Intro to functions PPT
    2. GE turtle flag
    3. GE turtle flower
    4. Type in code for extreme flower
    5. GE temperature conversion
    6. Extend temperature conversion to add Kelvin converter
    7. GE die roller simple 6 sided
    8. GE die roller for any number of sides
    9. GE die roller with roll function
    10. Extend die roller to print average each time
    11. Revisit guessing game to use functions
    12. Fix guessing game to use better exits
  10. PROJECT: Revised Weight Finder
    1. Practice calling functions
    2. Practice using nested while loops
    3. Construct flowchart
    4. Turn in revised weight finder using functions
  11. Lists
    1. Intro to lists PPT
    2. Simple inventory
    3. Type in drawing with turtle code
    4. Type in drawing with turtle functions
    5. Modify to use different colors
    6. Review basic list functions
  12. PROJECT: Turtle drawing
    1. Draw picture on graph paper
    2. Translate drawing to turtle commands
    3. Turn in main python program
  13. Adventure map study
    1. Adventure map room layout
    2. Adventure map room descriptions
    3. Adventure map Room descriptions word file
    4. Adventure map inventory control
    5. Add sounds with win sound
  14. PROJECT: Personal adventure map
    1. Turn in travel map with rooms and exits
    2. Turn in travel map room description file
    3. Do a buddy walkthrough and sign off
    4. Turn in main adventure map file
  15. Dictionaries
    1. Intro to dictionaries PPT
    2. Record album list using lists
    3. Record album using dictionaries
    4. Revise program to print just artists with album title
    5. HTML generator using input and dictionaries
  16. PROJECT: Independent projet
    1. Visit this link (46 simple tasks)
    2. Work on two of these tasks to present to class.
  17. Yahtzee study
    1. Discuss using imports and scope of main program
    2. Discussion on how to structure a score-card and take turns
    3. Build top of score-card functions (divide up among students)
    4. Assign bottom of score-card to teams
    5. Share and compare teams
    6. GE on "taking turns" using a nested while loop and functions
  18. PROJECT: Design a game
    1. In class time to design a simple game with a partner
  19. PROJECT: Converters
    1. PPT on how to do unit conversions
    2. Fill in missing parts: A gutter cleaning app
    3. Students revise program to add a second activity
    4. Make it work: MPG program
    5. Assign the richter calculator using MPG as a basis
    6. Create your own converter
  20. GUI Design Basics
    1. What makes a good GUI?
    2. Tkinter basics tutorials
    3. Revise Richter calculator using tkinter
    4. Yahtzee tkinter walkthrough
    5. Design buttons for calculator tkinter grid layout
  21. Alien Vault study
    1. Alien vault code introcution
    2. Alien vault 3-8, finish making alien vault buttons
    3. Alien vault 9-10
    4. Finish alien vault
  22. The Shelve Module
    1. PPT on the shelve module
    2. Melee stats shelve program
  23. Graphical guessing game study
    1. Construct a flowchart
    2. Turn in completed python file
  24. PROJECT: Graphical record archive
    1. Design and turn in a layout for record archive GUI
    2. Walkthrough on load and save functions
    3. Add STATE to buttons in design
    4. Work on and turn in python file
  25. Morse Code Study
    1. Introduce Morse code PPT
    2. Practice interpreting Morse code using left right chart
    3. Discuss similarity to binary
    4. Give students part of code to import
    5. Turn in finished program
    1. Daily journals
    2. Milestones met on time
    3. Pre-check passed
    4. Presentation
    5. Final paper
    6. Course reflection