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Computer Science Topics

Basics of a computer language lecture notes (notes PPT) (blank notes)
Supplemental reading - parts of a computer language (reading pdf)
CW - Natural language processing (directions doc)

Useful ASCII chart (pdf)
Binary and decimal conversion lecture notes (notes PPT) (blank notes)
CW Binary to decimal (directions pdf)
CW Decimal to binary (directions pdf)
Video tutorial converting binary to hexadecimal (youtube link)
Video tutorial converting hexadecimal to binary (youtube link)
Video tutorial converting decimal to hexadecimal (youtube link1) (youtube link2)
CW Hexadecimal conversions (directions pdf)

Computer Programming Topics

UNIT I - Python and the Shell
What is Python lecture notes (notes PPT)
Getting started in Python lecture notes (notes PPT)
ex01_01 - Allowed variable names (directions doc)
Naming rules syntax and style (notes pdf)
ex01_02 - Python as a calculator (directions doc)
ex01_03 - Basic input output string format (code pdf)
Flowchart symbols (notes pdf)
PROJECT:  Mad lib (directions doc)
ex01_04 - Find the errors with sample calculator (working py file) (printout code to find pdf)
PROJECT: calculator v1 (directions doc)

UNIT II - Conditional flow control
Intro to conditionals (PPT notes)
Conditional flowcharts (pdf) - (instructions doc) (code pdf) (code pdf) (code pdf) (code pdf) (code pdf)
Built-in functions (notes PPT) - replace comments with explanation of built-in function (raw py file) - hand write answers on back then modify code as indicated (raw py file)
String functions and the menu (notes PPT)
Guided exploration Richter menu printing ( raw py file) (starting flowchart pdf)
PROJECT: conditionals (directions doc)

UNIT III - Looping flow control
Guided exploration in the shell (output from shell demo) - Write code using range and for loop to mimic provided output (code pdf) - Import turtle and drawing basic box (PPT notes(pdf) - Turtle drawing octagon  (PPT(code pdf) - Turtle drawing polygons based on range variable (PPT notes) (code pdf)
flowchart for loop (notes pdf) - Modify ex03_04 to accept user input and check for minimum side length (directions PPT)
PROJECT: Calculator v2 (directions doc)
flowchart for while loop (note pdf) - While loop basic examples (code pdf)
"Non-Mario" story "game" - (raw code)
Simple guessing game with choice - (raw code)

UNIT IIII - Lists & Functions
Play Zork I online (link) - add comments for points (raw code) - bad inventory (raw code) - Turtle dot color using lists (code pdf) - fill in to make work (raw code) - DONE (raw code) (modify ex04_04 to use functions) melee combat template blank template filled in as a class  (raw code) 
Tutorial video on functions (youtube link) user choice template (raw code) functions using string characters (raw code)
CW - pick functions to write from workbook - (directions pdf) (workbook pdf)
zork with lists student blank packet (blank pdf) (raw code)

UNIT IV - Dictionaries
Making a map for your own adventure game - (PPT file)
Making collection of dictionaries - (directions docx)
Making - (directions docx) - Starting adventure map template - (raw code) - Map helper file containing room descriptions - (raw code) - Working basic adventure game to base project from - (raw code)
PROJECT: Adventure map - (requirements.pptx) - (grading rubric pdf)

UNIT V - The Raspberry Pi
Notes - getting to know your pi - (class PPT) (blank student notes)
Notes - Minecraft on the pi (class PPT)
CW Minefraft three in class examples (code PDF)
CW Minecraft 4 assignments (directions docx)
GPIO pinout (basic) (expanded) (raw code) - clean working copy - (raw code)
CW Practice with Resistors - (worksheet docx)
Notes - GPIO interfacing - (class PPT) (blank student notes)
GPIO vocabulary chart - (filled in) (blank chart) (raw code)