Al-Bayan Comprehensive school is located in the northern neighborhood of Tamra town. The school was founded in 2008, first opened its doors in September 2008. School opening day included four eighth classes and five seventh classes, total of 311 male and female students. This year 1100 students are learning at the school and it includes 100 teachers. Each class has 34 students. The school day starts at 8:00 and finishes till 15:00. The pupils are taught three languages: ( Arabic, Hebrew and English) , math science, history, geography, computers and sports. There is a huge library in our school which contains books, newspapers, magazines, and computers. We also have two laboratories for science, English room, two computer rooms, football yard and basketball court.     By registering to schools online our students will gain a lot by improving their English and getting exposed to different culture.   

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