7. Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration is a class for students interested in the exciting world of fashion. Students will learn to draw fashion figures and design clothing for various occasions. We look into history and see how the past has influenced the clothing choices we make today. There will be some sample fabric arts learned in class that can be translated into our design projects.

* This class is offered alternate years and will be available again in the 2016-2017 school year.


Basic Design


Grade 10, 11, 12

Lab Fee: $20

Semester Course

Credit .5

Please note:

No food is allowed in the art room. Closed container drinks, other than soda/energy drink cans, are allowed. This is for safety as well as to keep projects crisp and clean! No one wants a sticky , stained work of art!

It is expected that all students respect the studio space, individuals within the class, and materials given to them for use. Students will be required to clean up after themselves in order to keep a safe, clean, enjoyable work space.

The first part of this course will focus on consistency within drawing the fashion croquis. Once this is mastered you will work on Prismacolor and other design medium techniques followed by designing and illustrating your concepts from given themes. The final for this class will be to make a garment out of recycled materials

Fashion 2 students (students who repeat the course) will be tested on proportions to see if they need to do any review, then proceed to their fashion plates designed around a variety of given themes. Students will be required to design a mini collection, a project researching an era/designer of fashion and doing a 2 design plate which includes a design that represents the era they researched, and a modern spin on the era, a textile design project where the produce the textile and create a design around the print, etc. Their final will be a garment made of recycled materials or actual fabric.

Fashion Illustration: Student Work
Fashion Illustration Logo design

Project One:


Project Two:


Project Three:

Curvy Robots

Project Four:

Curvy Figures

Project 5:

Curvy Figures-5 to 6 poses

Project 6-8:

Color Technique for skin, hair, textile

Project 9:

First Fashion Plate

Theme- selected by class

Project 10 (Midterm):

Trashion Design

Trashion Garment Brainstorming

Project 11:

Abstract Artist Inspired

Fashion Plate inspired by Abstract Artist

Project 12:


Textures and Patterns

Project 13:

Inclusive Fashion

Inclusive fashion

Final: Trashion Garment

Trashion Project


Students will be graded on Technique, (neatness and control of materials) composition and content (design elements and principles, individuality and strong reflection of theme).

A-EXCELLENT. Clear, focused and effective design/concept. Students very best effort. WOW!

(exceeds standards)

B- VERY GOOD. Consistency, generally successful and clear design/concept. NICE!

(above standards)

C-MODERATE success. Average, satisfactory, predictable, fair design/concept. OK.

(meets standards)

D/F- MINIMAL or no effort, poor, disorganized, unclear, careless, indifferent, inappropriate.

(in progress/does not meet)