Ms. Streng's Classes

ASE Internship Information Meeting Dec. 2018 Room 215

My hope is that this website will assist students and parents in keeping up-to-date with what students in my various classes are doing at SAHS.  From this main page each course can be accessed.  On the class pages, you’ll find course syllabi, calendars with due dates & handout links, quiz/test review links, and links to specific periods Google Classroom, and additional helpful resource links unique to each course.  I ask that students in ALL of my courses have a 3" 3-ring binder in which to keep a section for my course and store the school planner, which they will also be expected to actively use.

I’ve taught both English and biology for about 24 years--14 years at SAHS.  Although this combination is a bit unusual, I find it quite entertaining and invigorating to share the love of ideas and discovery, attention to detail and craft, and communication of great stories and curiosities in AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology and College Prep Biology.