Biology Resources:

Your Student will have access to a Biology text in the classroom as well as available for check out if needed.  The Biology text is a quality text and contains: Review questions, Vocabulary, Practice Test and most importantly contextual reading of the content.  Concepts in ALL of the areas of study for this class are specifically tied to the chapters of the text and are listed for students on their daily agenda, the course outline and usually on the power point notes. Especially helpful study tool for students who may be anxious about testing or who were absent for much of the content.

 Links to various resources used in this course:

Class Expectations & Course Outline - Scope and Sequence for the Year

Daily Agenda / Syllabus - Outlines Daily Assignments for EACH Learning Target!

Lecture Notes & Assignments
& Video Lectures!!!
            Look for direct links to specific Khan Academy lectures.  Great Resource for                     students...especially if absent.