Denali Borough School District 1 to 1 Teaching and Learning DVD; you can see an edited version here (original version is 45 minutes, this one is 15 minutes).

Digital Storytelling with iMovie. Mark Standley and Skip Via (2nd printing March 2010) [Web site] [Amazon link

Technology Standards: A Leader's Manual. Skip Via and Mark Standley. [Amazon link]

"What If They Rang The Bell and No One Showed Up?" in Ohler, Jason (ed), Future Courses: A Compendium of Thought about Technology, Education, and the Future. [Publisher link]


iTeach Podcast 002 – Why didn’t my tenth grade teacher make me start a blog? Podcast interview by Chris Malmberg, UAF eLearning; November 2012.

Web Presence presentation; UAF TechFest, October 2012.

Co-Presenter, Alaska Space Grant Higher-Ed Workshop: Distance-Delivery of Laboratory-Based Science Courses for Students in Alaska; October 1-2, 2010 (Project wiki)

Wicks, D., Via, S., & Rhode, J. (2011, January 27). Using Twitter for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development in Higher Education. Presented online for the Northwest eLearning Community.

Beyond Blackboard: Online Learning with Google Sites. Workshop for the Alaska Society for Technology in Education, Anchorage, AK. February 19. 2011.

Professional Uses of Social Media. Presentation for UA Statewide Administrative Professionals Day; April 25, 2011.

UAF Tech Fest 2011; Co-Planner, Faculty Strand. Sessions presented:
  • Mobile Teaching and Learning
  • Podcasting, ScreenCasting, Video and iTunes U
  • Evolution of the ePortfolio
"Web Presence and Your Digital Footprint." Presentation for the Alaska Society for Training and Development. February 13, 2013.

Alaska Society for Technology in Education, Feb 23-26, 2013; Disrupting the Institution Special Interest Group. Strand Co-Planner and Leader. Sessions presented:
Tools for Open Learning Environments, June 1, 2013. Web seminar presented to OLTAK MOOC.