ED 431: Web 2.0 Fundamentals: Participate, Produce, Publish

ED 431 is designed as an introduction to the UAF School of Education M.Ed. in Online Instructional Design (ONID) program. Completion of this course (available to undergraduates) is a requirement of that program. It establishes several elements--portfolio, PLN, and others--that form the backbone of ONID.

This is an online, cohort-based course. You will be required to participate in a social network of your cohorts using various tools to share your work and review others' work, and your final portfolio will be shared publicly. Peer review is a major emphasis.

Taught Summer and Fall semesters.

Course website (Fall 2016)

ED 677: Digital Storytelling

This course examines the principles of storytelling in general and digital storytelling in particular, paying close attention the use of digital storytelling to inform, persuade, and entertain across a variety of social and cultural institutions. Elements of digital storytelling will be investigated and used to create original digital stories in a variety of media.

Course website (Spring 2017)