Some unpublished articles

About halos

Streetlight Halos.
A work in progress, unpublished, last revised
Marko's Column Arc 362 (2009).  This article was written in response to comments on the Ice Crystal Halos entry of October 18, 2009. It won't make much sense without that context.

        Peter-Paul gets it. (Photo by Claudia Hinz.)

Halo Poles talk at the 2006 Artjarvi halo meeting. This posting is intended mainly for folks who were at the meeting.

Bravais-Clarke versus cubeoctahedron (2005). This article has a remote connection with the Lascar halo display. For the meaning and significance of the Bravais-Clarke crystal, and for the face numbering of the crystal, see Atmospheric Halos and the Search for Angle x, pages 66, 115-117.

Isometric versus Hexagonal (2004). This article has some bearing on the Lascar halo display.

Not about halos

Snub Cube Construction (2008). 
Snub cube talk given at UAF. The talk posting is intended mainly for folks who were there.