You are invited to participate in the National Day on Writing!

Use Your Words: Alaska’s First Annual Celebration of Writing Saturday, October 20, 2012 11:00-3pm. Schaible.

What is the UAF Celebration of Writing?
More than a single event on a Saturday, our Celebration is a culmination of professional development for educators and the scholarly and creative activity of student writers. Our Celebration of Writing is similar to curricular relationships embedded in a Science or Research fair, highlighting the semester-long, curricular innovation that can take place when there is a social motive for writing beyond the classroom walls.

Who does it serve?

The idea for UAF’s Celebration of Writing began as method for building bridges between UAF and Alaskan high schools. In this way, our event responds directly to a need for higher education to promote writing excellence and the needs of writers across our state. But, the event is also a way to connect with celebrations held all across the nation on the National Day on Writing.
The National Day on Writing, established in 2009 by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), celebrates composition in all forms and demonstrates how writing is a vital part of our everyday lives.

For information on how to get involved, contact Sarah Stanley, Composition Director
or Anne Armstrong

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