In Alaska, there will always be a strong demand for knowledgeable business professionals and accounting remains a fast route to the top echelons of the business community. It is also a great springboard to many related professions. Over the years, GAAP members have been offered placement with public accounting firms, corporate organizations, and governmental entities well before graduating. Accountants  earn an excellent salary, receive additional training opportunities, and fill rewarding positions with corporate or governmental organizations. Graduates who earn their CPA license enjoy even more opportunities, which can include tax planning, personal investment advising, or consulting.

Our objective is to facilitate the development of accounting students into confident and qualified accounting professionals. To further this goal, we aim to provide members with opportunities to:
  • Learn about the diverse paths available for accounting graduates
  • Develop a network of professional contacts throughout the state
  • Understand the value of career planning and preparation for successful professional placement
  • Acquire an understanding of the day-to-day work of a professional accountant

GAAP's purpose is to help accounting students

  • Learn about the diverse career opportunities available for accounting graduates
  • Acquire an understanding of the day-to-day work of a professional accountant
  • Understand career planning and prepare for successful professional placement

Participation in GAAP develops students into professionals who are confident and qualified to accept staff accountant positions that require interaction with CEOs and other high-level management on a daily basis.

GAAP offers many activities that encourage social interaction with accounting faculty, alumni, and students.
  • Meetings with professional speakers
  • Evening socials with practicing accountants
  • Government Night (panel discussion)
  • Nonprofit Night (panel discussion)
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
  • Office visits to local accounting firms
  • Spring break trip to Anchorage businesses
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Community services projects