Online Innovation and Design

Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design (30 credits)
Who would benefit from earning the M. Ed. in Online Innovation and Design?
  • K-12 teachers interested in more effectively utilizing technology in the classroom, including preparing lessons, tutorials, and activities that can be completed by students online.

  • K-12 teachers, librarians, and professionals in higher education or business who are interested in designing web-based learning materials, including full classes or programs to be delivered asynchronously online.

Why should I consider the program in Online Innovation and Design?
Demand for eLearning continues to expand rapidly—both in the state of Alaska and around the world. Teachers and business leaders who are asked to develop educationally sound online learning experiences need a unique combination of skills and knowledge. The Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design equips graduates to create and facilitate meaningful learning experiences for the online environment.

K-12 schools are moving toward technology rich classrooms. One to one programs put computers and hand held tools into the hands of students at all grade levels. Teachers need experience and training in the educational use of these tools.

The M. Ed. in Online Innovation and Design is the only degree program in the UAF School of Education to be offered completely online. This program is perfectly suited for distance students, busy professionals, and students with family commitments who cannot attend traditional campus based classes.

Why should I attend UAF?
Our program was developed as a cooperative endeavor between the UAF School of Education and professional course designers in the UAF eLearning department. Classes are taught by education professors and eLearning employees who work in the field of online asynchronous course design every day. This combination of scholarly and applied instruction produces graduates who are ready to teach with technology or design pedagogically sound online courses.

This M.Ed. program culminates with taking a comprehensive exam or by completing a research project or thesis. Students may choose the path that fits their learning style and educational goals best.

The UAF Graduate program has a staff advisor dedicated to answering all of your questions from point of inquiry through graduation. Expect timely and thorough responses to all communication.

How do I apply?

Application deadlines are March 1st (summer, fall) and October 1st (spring)

Submit the following: 
  • Online Graduate Application (
  • Transcripts
  • 4-5 page written essay, which describes career goals and educational philosophy 
  • Three letters of reference
  • Resume
  • GRE scores if undergraduate GPA is below a 3.0
Submit application materials to:
Office of Admissions
University of Alaska Fairbanks
PO Box 757480
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7480
(907) 474-7500 (800) 478-1823
(907) 478-5397 fax

(Email submission of materials preferred when possible--include your full name and UA ID number if you have one)

Program Requirements
 Course  Credits     Semester  Delivery
ED F431 Web 2.0 Fundamentals
 3 Fall Online
ED F659 Multimedia Tools for Educators

ED F601 Introduction to Applied Social Science Research
 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
ED F650 Current Topics in Educational Technology: Innovative Instruction and Leadership  
 3 Fall Online
 ED F654 Digital Citizenship: Internet Legal Issues, Copyright and Fair Use
 3 Summer Online
600 level cross cultural foundations course*
 3 Fall, Spring Online
To graduate with the project or thesis option, complete the following:
  • One ONID Elective
  • ED/CCS F603 Field Study Research Methods
  • ED F698 Non-Thesis Research OR
  • ED F699 Thesis




Fall, Spring,


Fall, Spring, Summer


Independent work with committee

To graduate with the comprehensive exam option, complete the following:
  • ED F653 Instructional Design
  • ED F655 Online Pedagogy
  • ED F676 Supporting Learners in Diverse Systems
  • ED F677 Digital Storytelling
  • Comprehensive Exam










*Cross Cultural Foundations Course Options:
  • ED/CCS F610 Education and Cultural Processes (Fall, Online)
  • ED/CCS F611 Culture, Cognition and Knowledge Acquisition (Fall, Online)
  • ED/CCS F616 Education and Socioeconomic Change (Spring, Online)
  • ED F620 Language, Literacy and Learning (Spring, On campus or A/V)
  • ED/CCS F631 Culture, Community and Curriculum (Spring, Online)
  • ED F682 Rethinking Multicultural Education (Fall, On campus or A/V)
See semester course schedule including class descriptions, days, times, instructors, locations, and cost at

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