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CURRENT STUDENTS (Advisor or Supervisor)

            Jon Martin (2013-present) - Advisor
                 Project Title: Deer response to intensive forest management.

            Tessa Hasbrouck (2016-present) - Advisor
                Project Title: Assessing impacts of climate change and energy costs on hunting and fishing practices (working title)
            Helen Cold (2016-present) - Advisor
                Project Title: Documenting and describing landscape disturbances influencing human access to wild resources: a community-based approach (working title)
            Taylor Stinchcomb (2015-present) - Advisor
                Project Title: Associations among caribou hunters, caribou, aircraft traffic, and human infrastructure: a soundscape ecology approach (working title)
            Nils Pedersen (2014-present) - Advisor
                Project Title: Human-bear interactions and ecology on the North Slope of Alaska  (working title)                                                                                                                                              
Undergraduate projects:
            Scott Leorna (2016-present)
                Project Title: Influence of weather conditions on Dall sheep hunter success
            Luke Rogers (2016-present) 
                Project Title: The effect of social class on space use and behavior in captive wood bison: a comparative study

 CURRENT STUDENTS (Committee Membership)
PhD: Sheri Coker (2015-present), Matthew Rogers (2015-present)
MS: Matthew Sprau (2015-present), Tara Callear (2014-present)

GRADUATED STUDENTS (Advisor or Committee Membership)
            Casey Brown (2016) - Committee member
                Dissertation Title: Social-ecological drivers of resource selection and habitat use by moose in Interior Alaska.
            Kim Jochum (2014) - Committee member
                 Dissertation Title: Applying a social‐ecological systems approach to human‐bear encounters across the pacific rim: advancing resilient human‐wildlife management strategies 

            Ian Johnson (2015) - Advisor
                Thesis Title:  Space use and movements of moose hunters and wolves in the Yukon Flats, Alaska
            Jeff Frederick (2015) - Committee member
                 Thesis Title: Alpine themal dynamics and associated constraints on the behavior of mountain goats in southeast Alaska. 
            Britta Schroeder (2014) - Committee member
                Thesis Title: Mapping landscape values and forest uses on the Tongass National Forest. 
            Richard Hum (2013) - Committee member
                 Thesis Title: Online social media as a social-ecological systems research tool: Facebook and two rural Alaskan communities

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