Bad Weather Contingency Plans



Fairbanks only Sprint Triathlon

May 4, 2014

12pm start time

2014 welcomes The Breakup Tri into it's third season.  The race was named after Alaska's spring season where all of the ice and snow that accumulates throughout the winter months starts to melt away. As the ice continues to thaw, the days become longer, temps grow warmer, and the ice over the rivers starts to give way to the flow of the currents of not only the local Chena River, but the surrounding rivers as well. The ice begins to break up into chunks of all different shapes and sizes and floats lazily down the rivers.

    This is the first sprint triathlon of the season for the city of Fairbanks, Alaska and the only sprint triathlon within a 250 mile radius in the month of May.  The Breakup Tri will offer a unique experience for the individual who wants to give the sport of triathlon a try without being intimidated or overwhelmed by the number of participants.  The race will consist of a 500 yd. swim, 13.1 mile bike, and 5k run through and around the beautiful University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.  For 2013 we are limiting the number of participants to 72 with plans of expanding in the future. 

The mission of The Breakup Tri is to help introduce the sport of triathlon to those who are looking for a new challenge, a new way to lose weight, cross train, or just want to see what the sport is all about.  An incentive to race The Breakup Tri as a new comer is that it doesn't include an open water swim which often deters some participants from ever signing up for a triathlon.  Another goal of The Breakup Tri is to help fund raise money for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Varsity Women's Swim Team.  These girls will be volunteering their time, energy, and positive attitude to help make this event run as smoothly as possible.