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Digital Curation for Students to Experience History

Re-engage students with the past.

The Digitization of Media
The fact that all our media, historical and contemporary, is becoming digitized is good news for education. It means we, and our students, can implement that media in our studies and in our presentations all the more easily. Here, we will be discussing a specific aspect of that implementation: History, and the digital re-curation of its source materials.

Follow along with the presentation I give here.

Links to Resources Used

  • A fun advertisement portraying the evolution of content.
  • A Dipity timeline portraying the evolution of education tech over the last 40 years.
  • A rich source for media. Come here to get lost.
  • An amazing, beautiful treatment of crime stories in the middle of the century, at the heart of the land.
  • An affecting collection of love letters from the civil war, organized chronologically.
  • Letters posted chronologically, on the anniversary of their arrival "Home".
  • Really rich treatment, with great use of supplemental media.