Next Events

Monthly Subunit Meeting!!
Next meeting is Tuesday March 3, 2015
5:30 pm, 201 O'Neil
- Talk about Alaska blackfish research project
-Plan Birch Lake ice fishing trip with the Wildlife Society
- Eat pizza!!!

This is the portal to the Alaska Chapter's student subunit of America's oldest and largest non-profit professional society for fisheries scientists... AFS!

    We're also the northern-most student subunit of AFS!!

    The objectives of the subunit are to:
  • distribute fisheries information to students;
  • encourage teaching of fisheries science and train fisheries students and workers;
  • and promote the conservation, development and wise utilization of fisheries.

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AFS fish tank

Our Alaska blackfish student research project is progressing well, we have identified a pond in the Goldstream Valley where blackfish can be readily caught and have caught and fin-clipped a small sample of fish.  The next step is marking a larger sample and conducting a recapture survey.

This month we will be doing burbot setlining trips for those students that are interested.

We will discuss another ice fishing outing with the Wildlife Society at our next subunit meeting in March. Hopefully we can capture a small grayling or trout on this trip to stock into our AFS aquarium since our grayling expired last semester.

Also on the horizon--the annual AFS Student Symposium in April.  If you have research you would like to present or a talk you would like to practice, please consider participating in this event!

Stream teeming with grayling in Gates of the Arctic National Park