Elluminate Information

Many School of Education instructors use Elluminate Live for distance courses. Elluminate is a web-based application that let's instructors and students communicate and collaborate by sharing computer screens and audio in real time across the Internet. Elluminate works effectively even on slow dial-up Internet connections, but faster connections are recommended.

Your instructor will tell you if Elluminate is a part of your class. If you are participating in a class in which Elluminate is used, you MUST do several things before you can participate:

UAF Accounts and Passwords

You will use your UAF login for access to Blackboard, Google Apps, and other UAF services.

  1. If you have issues with your UAF username or your password, visit UAF's ELMO page for help.
  2. If you still cannot access your UAF e-mail, contact the OIT Help Desk at (907) 450-8300 or (800) 478-8226 and speak to a support technician. Be prepared to provide your UAF student ID number for verification.

Computer Software and Upgrades

Make sure your computer's software is up to date and that your computer can run Elluminate. Go to the UAF eLearning Elluminate Qualification Site and follow the Elluminate configuration instructions.