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Do you want to pursue a special education certificate?

The Federal Government has a GRANT for you. Up to $4,000 per year that doesn't have to be paid back if you teach in the field for four years in a high need area. See this two page flier for more details.


Tyler Glaser Selected as 2012 CASE Scholarship Recipient

            The Alaska Council of Administrators of Special Education is pleased to announce the recipient of a $1000 scholarship targeted to support college students currently enrolled in the University of Alaska System and pursuing a career in an area that provides services to school age students receiving special education.

            Applicants for the 2012 CASE scholarship submitted a two page personal statement describing their interest and motivation in working with children with disabilities. In addition, applicants outlined future plans and career goals.

            The CASE Scholarship Selection Committee received 8 applications and after careful review, selected Tyler Glaser. Tyler is currently a full time student living in Mat-Su. His personal statement included the following:

            "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." These words spoken by Albert Einstein remind me of the struggles that parents of special needs children have on a daily basis.  My name is Tyler Glaser and I believe in miracles!

Tyler believes that in order to be a special education teacher you have to have a passion to teach no matter the circumstances. To motivate himself, Tyler continually envisions the future. In that future, Tyler sees himself as an experienced, motivated contributor to the Special Education arena. Tyler believes he has been given a gift of inspiration and compassion, and with that nothing can prevent him from accomplishing his goal. 

            Recommendations for Tyler describe him as a quiet leader and a highly principled, people-oriented individual with a depth of understanding of the issues surrounding the teaching of students with special needs.

            The Alaska Council of Administrators of Special Education would like to congratulate Tyler.