Assistive Technology

I'm Going to College Day

Assistive Technology was a big hit at UAF's "I'm Going to College" Day for 5th and 6th graders.

Students using an iPad

Assistive Technology Showcase

Video showcase of the assistive technology currently available at UAF School of Education.

Learn how to find symbols and make a card for a Go Talk device.

Adding New Symbols in Proloquo2Go
Learn how to customize this communication app for individual students.


Assistive Technology Act of 1998
Public Law 105-394 [29 USC 2201]

The Assistive Technology Act, also known as the “Tech Act” provides funds to states to support three types of programs:
  • The establishment of assistive technology (AT) demonstration centers, information centers, equipment loan facilities, referral services, and other consumer-oriented programs;
  • Protection and advocacy services to help people with disabilities and their families, as they attempt to access the services for which they are eligible;
  • Federal/state programs to provide low interest loans and other alternative financing options to help people with disabilities purchase needed assistive technology.
Information on Alaska’s Assistive Technology visit

For a list of state projects funded under the Tech Act, visit

Here is a list of some of the most popular assistive devices.
  • MacSpeech Dictate provides a whole new way to interact with your Mac. Instead of typing, use your voice to input text; rather than clicking your mouse, just speak commands. With MacSpeech Dictate, it's easy.

  • Andrea NC 7100 Headsets
    Andrea Electronics' headset products and technologies enable more accurate and reliable communication as well as high performance speech recognition in noisy office environments. Speech recognition software works best with these.
  • Live Scribe Pulse Pens 
        Pulse Smart Pen  The Pulse smartpen records and links audio to what you write, so you never miss a word.
    • TalkFrame Six TalkFrame 6 is great therapy tool for sequential sentence order.
    • GoTalk 9+ Like all GoTalks, GoTalk 9+ is lightweight and rugged, and now has a 45 message capacity (9 keys, each 1 3/4” x 2 1/4”, and five recording levels).

  • Proloquo2Go™ is a new product from AssistiveWare that provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It brings natural sounding text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, full expandability and extreme ease of use to the iPhone and iPod touch.

  • Kinder Keyboard    
    • Consonants, vowels, numbers and punctuation marks are color-coded to help pre-school children learn their alphabet and identify character sets
    • Standard-sized keyboard
    • Contains all standard keys on a computer keyboard
    • F-keys are oval in shape and smaller than other keys
    • Two USB ports
    • USB connectivity so it works with a Mac
    • Oversized keys for better contact and control
    • Assists children and users with motor skill impairment
    • Available in most country formats
    • System - IBM PC & Mac
    • Connector - USB only
    • Safety - FCC CE Approved
    • Key Guard available

  • Switcheroo is an inexpensive button and a switch interface.

Switcheroo is a nice button, designed to help teach pointer-finger use. Pressing the button acts like a mouse-click within any software. Switcheroo also provides a place to plug switches into a computer. There are 3 switch inputs in Switcheroo. When you plug a switches into a Switcheroo jack, the switches ‘become’ standard mouse-clicks (Win: left, middle, right; Mac: left, drag, control-click), and with installation of the accompanying software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse-button event or keystroke you’d like! Switcheroo does not interfere with the operation of other pointing devices, such as a mouse. It works in addtion to your mouse. Your mouse retains all of its normal functions.

  • Speaking menus on Ipod Nano
    iPods that speak, everything! You must have the latest generation Nano (4th gen.) and the latest iTunes software. When connected, you'll find a new option in iTunes to enable spoken menus for accessibility. When you sync, iTunes creates spoken descriptions for the contents of your iPod nano using the text-to-speech engine on your computer (in Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista) and then syncs them to your iPod nano (4th generation) along with your music.

  • Your Pocket-Sized Digital Magnifier
    nemo digital magnifier
    Nemo: Slim. Light. Very Portable. Ideal for quick reading on the go. With the brightest image in its class the Nemo is perfect for looking up phone numbers in seconds and performing simple household tasks with ease. Just place the desired material under the camera and magnify 4.5x to 9x on the 4” anti-glare LCD. Travel with ease! The pocket-sized Nemo is lightweight and affordable. Look-up phone numbers in seconds and perform simple household tasks with ease. Incorporating a 4” viewing screen with digital magnification - this ultra portable device can go anywhere.

  • iPad comes with a screen reader, support for playback of closed-captioned content, and other innovative universal access featuresipad with colors inverted  — right out of the box. There’s no additional software to buy or install. These features make iPad easier to use for students who have a vision impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a physical or learning disability.