Teaching While Training

To help reduce the shortage of qualified teachers in high needs schools in Alaska, the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Educations offers qualified interns an opportunity to teach while completing their teacher-training programs.

The program is specifically designed to assist school districts with high needs as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) to recruit and train highly qualified teachers for primarily rural schools but may apply to road and city districts in content areas of high demand.

UAF’s Secondary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program is designed to provide course work to individuals who hold four-year degrees, preferably with a content major, and who are interested in pursuing a teaching license at the secondary level.

UAF works with individuals hired by Alaska School districts. These individuals can participate in a licensure program while training.

These teachers in training are issued a Tier I Initial Certificate by the State of Alaska, and work for the same pay, benefits and retirement contributions as other certified teachers.

Once hired and admitted to UAF, the teaching interns teach full time while completing their course work at night by audio conference. They are matched with a university partner who visits their site through out their internship. They must complete their program within a two-year time frame. They are required to attend classes on the UAF campus during one summer of their two years in training.

Program Application Process

Candidates who hope to secure a teaching position while they are in training should meet the March first application deadline to enroll in the School of Education Secondary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program. Details on the process and guidelines are outlined below.


Candidates who have not secured teaching positions but plan to apply to school districts in Alaska should submit the applications to the Secondary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure program by its regular, March 1 deadline.

Candidates who have already secured positions in Alaska Schools may be considered until June 30 th .

Applicants must meet all the criteria for a Tier I Initial certification.

  1. Hold at least a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education;
  2. Passed a basic competency exam in reading, writing, and math: Praxis I ;
  3. Completed or enrolled in an approved teacher preparation program
  4. Pass a background check.

Qualifying Content Areas

Candidates are required to meet or exceed the State of Alaska’s list of approved Praxis II content test cut scores listed below.

Content AreaScore

Art: Content Knowledge #5134; 0134; *0133

158; 158; 155

Biology: Content Knowledge #5235; 0235


Chemistry: Content Knowledge #5245; 0245


Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge #5571; 0571


Economics #0911; *0910

150; 460

English Language Arts: Content Knowledge #5038; 5039; *5041; *5044; *0041; *0044

167; 168; 158; 166; 158; 166

French: Content Knowledge #5174; *0173

162; 157

General Science: Content Knowledge #5435; 0435


Geography #0921; *0920

151; 590

German: Content Knowledge #5183; *0181

163; 158

Government/Political Science #0931; *0930

149; 610

Mathematics: Content Knowledge #5161; *5061; *0061

160; 119; 119

Physical Science: Content Knowledge #0481


Physics: Content Knowledge #5265; 0265


Social Studies Content Knowledge #5081; 0081; 0951 (Social Science)

150; 150; 161

Spanish Content Knowledge #5195; *0191

168; 152

World and U.S. History #5941; 0941, *0940

141; 141; 440

Applicants applying to teach in a World Language are not required to submit Praxis II scores in the target language but are required to submit scores for the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPic II) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) .

*Tests being phased out & replaced with the General Science 0435 test.
**Test being phased out & replaced with the World History 0941 test.
***This is a supplemental endorsement area. Candidates must meet content requirements for an additional area.
Note:For the official cuts scores, please see EED's website .


  • March 1 – Application received.
  • June 30 – Deadline for applications of candidates already hired.
  • Working as a Teacher

    Individuals who have not completed an approved teacher preparation program, but who are hired by an Alaskan School district, are required to be enrolled in an approved teacher preparation program while teaching.

    These individuals teach as paid full-time teachers while completing a licensure program.

    Once hired and admitted to UAF’s program, teaching interns work full-time in the classroom while completing their course work at night by audio conference. They are matched with a university partner who visits their site throughout their internship.

    These contacts are supplemented by a Statewide Teacher Mentor who makes monthly visits to the school to meet with the teaching intern.

    Finding a Teaching Position

    The ATP Job Bank site, run by Alaska Teacher Placement, and is the single best way to seek teaching positions.

    ATP also organizes several teacher job fairs each spring, and has weekly live chats.

    These events are discussed on the ATP Job Fairs page, and on the ATP Live Chat Site .

    It is highly recommended that you research different locations and school districts in Alaska to make sure that you have accurate information in selecting a position that is the right fit for you.

    It is essential to educate yourself on the geography and cultures of the state, as well as the cost of living, living conditions, differences in climate by region, and other important factors before you decide where to focus your search for a teaching position.

    Contacts for questions concerning the University of Alaska Fairbanks Secondary Post-Baccalaureate licensure Program:

    Karen Eiler
    Secondary/Elementary Advisor
    (907) 474-6180