Spring Semester forms

An intensive practicum marks the second semester of the intern experience.  Each intern is observed a minimum of six times each by the mentor teacher and the university supervisor (form J).  Additionally, the intern must provide evidence that he/she has met each of the 8 Alaska teacher standards.  This is shown by the completion of form H at the end of the Spring semester in a conference with the university supervisor, the intern, and the mentor teacher(s).  Interns will gather evidence to support these 8 Alaska teacher standards as well as national specialty professional associations' standards (SPA's--content area standards for each discipline). 

Interns also are assessed spring semester by mentors on Professional Characteristics (form B--see overview here).

The form H assessment is the same for all content areas, however, the rubric for the form is slightly different for English/LA and World Languages. 

Content standards (forms K-U) vary with the specific content areas and should be filled out in draft form throughout the intern's teaching experience as standards are met.  Evidence that the standards have been met will be documented at the final conference between intern, supervisor, and mentor at the end of the teaching practicum.  All of the observations, form B, form H, and the content observation form (K-U) will then be collected by the university supervisor.

The specific content area observation forms (K-U) are located below (an overview of the content observation forms can be found here).  These are based on the national standards of each specialty professional association connected to the various content areas.  Interns must document that they have met a minimum of 50% of the standards for an "Acceptable" rating and 80% for a "Target" rating.

Click on the forms below to download them.

Form B - Professional Characteristics Form - complete by end of spring semester
Form J - Observation and Reflection Form - complete one in January, one in February, two in March, one in April/May
Form H - Final Assessment of Field Experience  - complete with university supervisor, candidate and mentor - end of the fall semester
Form H1 (rubric for form H except for English/Language Arts) - candidates teaching all subjects except English - use form to complete form H
Form H2 (rubric for form H for English/Language Arts)  candidates teaching English - use form to complete form H
Content Observation Forms K-U (all subject areas) - completed by student over the internship and reviewed by mentor and university supervisor throughout internship