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Professional Characteristics Forms

Purpose: This form is designed to evaluate the professional characteristics of pre-service teachers in relation to those characteristics and dispositions found in practicing teachers. A committee of teachers and teacher educators developed a list of characteristics (found on the attached form below) that are commonly considered to be essential to success in the classroom. We are asking individuals who work with pre-service teachers to reflect on the characteristics and dispositions of the pre-service teachers and consider whether they are present, developing or not present.

Procedures: After you have completed the form, please return it to the Chair of the Department of Secondary Education at the UAF School of Education. If you have given a rating of 0 or 1 in any area, please write a short explanation of the incident(s) or behavior(s) you encountered with the student that warranted the rating on the back of the form.

The Secondary Education department will compile ratings on each student, and students will have the opportunity, if requested, to view their ratings at the end of each semester. Because the ratings will be aggregated, individual will NOT know the scores given to them by individual raters. Please be candid in your assessment.

If a pattern of low ratings is observed in a student’s compiled ratings faculty members in the School of Education will meet with the student and develop a plan of improvement to address the areas of perceived difficulty. This plan will be filed with School of Education. Failure to meet the requirements of the plan of improvement and continuing concerns expressed by faculty or school personnel are grounds for dismissal from the program.