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Content Assessment Forms

The following pages contain Content Observation forms specific to various disciplines. These forms are based on standards set by the professional organizations for each field (i.e. NCTE-National Council of Teachers of English, NCSS-National Council of Social Studies Teachers, NCTM-National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NSTA-National Science Teachers Association), and the National Art Education Association (NAEA) standards.
Interns should use the form(s) appropriate to their content areas as guidelines throughout the year. As they prepare lessons they should note the content area standard addressed by the lesson/unit.
As interns progress through the pre-service year the documentation of standards addressed should grow. A target level of 80% of standards addressed by the end of the internship should be documented. Documentation consists of a brief listing of the lesson or unit and a date*. The intern, the mentor and the university supervisor can contribute to the documentation list but it is primarily the responsibility of the intern to keep it up to date.
The supervisor will ask to see the list periodically throughout the pre-service year. At the end of the year the list will be placed in the intern’s permanent file, as it documents his/her knowledge of and adherence to content professional standards.


*If a candidate is interning in more than one content area, he/she must complete 80% (target) of his/her initial placement and at least 50% (acceptance) of every subsequent placement.