On this page are several documents that may be of interest to current and prospective students, SOE partner agencies, and the public.
  • The Institutional Report was prepared specifically for the School of Education’s fall 2009 accreditation renewal visit. We invite you to look through the information it contains about our School and our programs.
  • The accreditation process also prompts the Conceptual Framework, but SOE staff and faculty use this document and the process of updating it to provide an over-arching framework for our daily work. 
  • We are proud of our faculty and the courses they offer and we take this opportunity to share information about them.
  • Finally, the working documents contain data used by the School and by various UAF offices that are not available publicly.
  • Summary of UAF SOE Candidate Performance Data
Thank you for looking at this information about the UAF School of Education. If you have further questions, please look at the specific program tabs on this website, view our informational brochure, contact the SOE program advisors or chairs directly, or call the Dean’s Office at 474-5718.