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Online Innovation and Design

What is ONID?

Online Innovation and Design is the newest concentration of courses in the Master of Education degree program at UAF. Demand for eLearning continues to expand rapidly—both in the state of Alaska and around the world. Teachers and business leaders who are asked to develop educationally sound learning experiences for the web often find it a daunting challenge, requiring a unique combination of skills and knowledge. The Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design will equip graduates to create and facilitate rich learning experiences for the evolving environment of the Internet.

Who is it designed for?

ONID is designed for classroom teachers, instructional designers, school administrators, IT professionals, and others who want to understand the context for and deliver effective online learning experiences.

How is it delivered?

ONID coursework is delivered asynchronously online. Students will use web 2.0 tools to communicate, to access online instructional media (audio, video, Flash), and to create and publish their work. 

ONID courses are strongly cohort based. Students will be expected to communicate actively with the instructor and course cohorts. Some courses will have periodic online interaction using Elluminate (ELive).

Courses are available through UAF eLearning and Distance Education. Students can register for courses through UAOnline.

What does it look like?

Jane Monahan, Graduate Advisor
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