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Master of Education in Counseling

Degree: M.Ed
Minimum Requirements for Degree: 48 or 51 credits

The primary purpose of this program is to prepare counselors at the graduate level with specific training in the areas of counseling and consultation for education, social and career decisions. Completion of this program meets requirements for Alaska licensure as a school counselor. In addition, this program may also serve as a basis for pursuing additional requirements necessary for licensure as a professional counselor (i.e., mental health).

The program emphasizes a developmental perspective, focusing on issues pertinent to providing guidance and counseling services, consultation and program development in multicultural settings.

Graduate Program--M.Ed. Degree

  1. Complete the following admission requirements:
    1. Applications will be reviewed on March 1 for admission to the fall semester.
    2. Admission requires a bachelor's degree in a human service area such as education, social work, psychology, human services, etc. Suitability of other degrees will be considered on an individual basis by counseling faculty.
    3. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their undergraduate degree or take the Graduate Record Exam.
  2. Complete the general university requirements.
  3. Complete the master's degree requirements.
  4. Complete internship placements appropriate to the student's declared area of interest.
  5. Complete the following course requirements:
    1. COUN F615--Foundations of Counseling--3 credits
    2. COUN F623--Counseling Theories and Applications I--3 credits
    3. COUN F628--Child and Adolescent Development--3 credits
    4. COUN F629--Counseling Interventions--3 credits
    5. COUN F632--Career Development--3 credits
    6. COUN F630--Appraisal for Counselors--3 credits
    7. COUN F634--Practicum in Individual Counseling--3 credits
    8. COUN F636--Internship I*--3-9 credits
    9. COUN F647--Professional Ethics--3 credits
    10. COUN F660--Cross-Cultural Counseling--3 credits
    11. COUN F674--Group Counseling--3 credits
    12. COUN F690--Internship II*--3 - 9 credits
    13. COUN F698--Research Project (3 - 6)
    14.      or COUN F699--Thesis (6)--3 - 6 credits
    15. ED F601--Introduction to Applied Social Science Research--3 credits
  6. Complete the following classes for school counseling track:
    1. COUN F646--School Counseling--3 credits
    2. Elective credits--3 credits
  7. Complete the following classes for community counseling track:
    1. COUN F638--Advanced Lifespan Development--3 credits
    2. COUN F650--Cross Cultural Psychopathology--3 credits
    3. COUN F666--Family and Network Therapy--3 credits
  8. Minimum credits required--48 or 51 credits

* Additional fee required. Charges are added to fee statements each semester. For School Counseling, students must complete 3 credits of Internship I and 3 credits of Internship II for each school counseling certification level. K-12 certification requires 6 credits of Internship I and 6 credits of Internship II: 6 elementary, 6 secondary. For community counseling, students must complete 3 credits of Internship I -Community and 3 credits of Internship II - Community.

Note: Courses assigned by the student's graduate committee to remove deficiencies will not be allowed as part of the graduate program.

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