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Internship Year

BA in Elementary Education - Internship Year

The year-long internship is the capstone experience in the elementary teacher education programs. This internship provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in the real world of teaching and learning, and to follow the progress of a group of elementary students for a full academic year.

Internships begin in August or September on the date when teachers return to school (this varies across districts). Interns follow the calendar of the school in which they are placed (not the calendar of UAF). The last official day in the classroom for BA in Elementary Education students is the Wednesday before UAF Commencement. However, interns are encouraged to return to their classroom to complete the year with their elementary students if at all possible.  Post-baccalaureate interns are required to complete the full academic year following the calendar of their district.

The internship is both intensive and extensive and, therefore, interns should not plan to work during this professional year.

Forms for Internship Year