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Admission to Intern Year

Admission to Intern Year

During the first three years of the BA in Elementary Education degree program, students complete coursework and fieldwork requirements that prepare them for their final professional year as interns in elementary classrooms.

During their junior year, and before February 1st, all students must prepare a formal application (see link to Admissions Packet below) to be admitted to the internship year. This formal admission and review process occurs at the second transition point in the program because the School of Education is obligated to complete a thorough academic and professional assessment of all students before it can place them in a class and school setting for a full year internship. It is the responsibility of the School of Education to make every effort it can to confirm that the students it is recommending as interns have the knowledge, skills and disposition necessary to be successful in classroom, school and community settings that have students, teachers, and parents from very diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds. Students will receive notification of admission to the Internship Year in April, and they will receive information about their school and classroom placement from the director of the Office of Fieldwork Experiences in (or before) July 15th.

If you have questions about any of the admission requirements or about completion of the forms, please be sure to contact one of the School of Education academic advisors.

  • Transition 2 Table and description (PDF file)
  • Instructions for filling out Admissions Packet 
  • Admissions Packet (PDF file)
  • Alaska Student Content Standards booklet (PDF file)