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Special Education

Masters of Education in Special Education

The primary purpose of the Master of Education in Special Education is to provide individuals who already possess, or are eligible for, a current Alaska teaching certificate with specific training in the areas of special education. Special education candidates will progress through a series of developmentally sequenced field experiences for the full range of ages, types and levels of abilities and collaborative opportunities. All students in the program will demonstrate knowledge of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) content standards for Special Education Teachers.

Special Education Certification Program (24 credits)

Apply for Spring Admission by October 1st and Fall Admission by March 1st.

Year 1




EDSE 625 Teaching Math to Special Learners

EDSE 640 Collaboration and Consultative Methods

EDSE 642 Autism/Asperger Syndrome: Social and Behavioral Issues

EDSE 632 Special Education Law: Principles and Practices

EDSE 677 Reading Assessment: Curriculum and Strategies

EDSE 612 Curriculum and Strategies I: Low Incidence

EDSE 622 Curriculum and Strategies II: High Incidence

EDSE 633 Autism: Communication and Social Disorders

EDSE 610 Assessment of Students with Disabilities

Year 2




EDSE 624 Social/Emotional Development, Assessment and Intervention

EDSE 694 Special Education Practicum

ED 601 Introduction to Applied Social Science Research

EDSE 605 Early Childhood Special Education

EDSE 696 Special Education Portfolio

ED 603 Field Study Research Methods

Special permission is required to register for classes until program admission is complete . Courses are offered on campus in Fairbanks and by distance delivery via audio conference. Contact School of Education for details: or 907-474-5362.

Do you want to pursue a special education certificate?

The Federal Government has a GRANT for you. Up to $4,000 per year that doesn't have to be paid back if you teach in the field for four years in a high need area. See this two page flier for more details.

Special Education Alternate Program Certificate

Certified teachers in the state of Alaska may qualify for the Special Education Alternate Program Certificate. If a school district is unable to recruit and hire a certified special education teacher they may hire a person with an alternate program certificate. To earn the certificate, the person must complete 9 credit hours in special education and be enrolled in a full certification program. See flier for details .

Click here for a downloadable PDF flyer explaining admission requirements, certification requirements, graduate degree requirements, career paths, and more

Click here for a PDF containing M.Ed. requirements.