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Elementary Education

Master of Education in Elementary Education

Following completion of the year-long UAF, post-baccalaureate elementary licensure program, students can pursue a M.Ed. degree in elementary education if they choose to do so. Thirteen specified graduate credits from the elementary licensure program can be used to meet the M.Ed. elementary education requirements. Courses are available through UAF by distance delivery and on the Fairbanks campus. Students can enroll in courses throughout the year. Licensure and the master's degree requirements must be met within seven years of the beginning of the program.Counseling

Students who have completed undergraduate courses 110, 201, 330, 410 and EDSE 482 as part of their licensure program must complete additional graduate level course work to receive a master's degree. Please contact the School of Education Student Services Office for additional information.

Program Requirements

  1. Complete the general university requirements .
  2. Complete M.Ed. degree requirements .
  3. Complete the admission requirements for the graduate-level elementary post-baccalaureate licensure program.
  4. Complete the following course requirements:
  5. ED 624--Foundations of Education in Alaska: From Segregation to Standards--3 credits
  6. ED 625--Exceptional Learners and Child Development: Individual and Cultural Characteristics--3 credits
  7. ED 626--Teaching Reading, Writing, and Language Arts--3 credits
  8. ED 678--Mathematics Methods and Curriculum Development--2 credits
  9. ED 688--Science Methods and Curriculum Development--2 credits
  10. ED 601--Introduction to Applied Social Science Research (3)
    or CCS 601--Documenting Indigenous Knowledge Systems--3 credits
  11. ED/CCS 603--Field Study Research Methods--3 credits
  12. ED 698--Research (6)
    or ED 699--Thesis--6 credits
  13. Complete two graduate-level elective courses approved by candidate's graduate committee--6 credits
  14. Minimum credits required--30 credits

For Post-Baccalaureate in Elementary Education (Licensure Only)

Elementary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program

This program is offered in Fairbanks and College of Rural and Community Development campus service areas. The elementary teacher post-baccalaureate program is an intensive, year-long program designed to provide students with the course work and internship experience necessary to meet the Alaska Teacher Standards and be eligible for licensure as an elementary teacher in Alaska. This classroom-based program is built upon the principle of partnership--a cooperative effort between interns, mentor teachers and university faculty partners.

Students begin the program in the summer with a 9-credit block of courses. Students who complete the undergraduate courses ED 110, 201, 330, 410, and EDSE 482 can use these to fulfill the summer requirements. During the academic year of the school district, all students complete two semesters of integrated university courses and internship.

At the end of the school year, if students have successfully met all of the program requirements, they will be eligible to apply for an Alaska Elementary License and they will receive a certificate of completion from UAF.

Elementary applicants apply as graduate-level licensure students. They may choose to complete this licensure program as part of the M.Ed. degree in elementary education. However, application to the M.Ed. degree program should be made at the beginning of elementary post-baccalaureate course work to avoid losing credits for the M.Ed. degree. (See M.Ed. elementary education options requirements.) Candidates who enter the elementary post-baccalaureate licensure program are required to have laptop computers prior to enrolling in ED 410 or 624.

Admission and Application Information

It is recommended that students submit applications before Dec. 15 to provide time to complete prerequisites if necessary. Applications will be reviewed as submitted. Deadline is February 15.

Admission includes meeting both UAF graduate admissions requirements and the School of Education admissions requirements.

Graduate School Requirements:

Submit the following to the UAF Office of Admissions with a copy to the School of Education:

  1. UAF Graduate application and fee.
  2. Official transcript of bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and official transcripts from all institutions attended. A GPA of at least 3.0 (B grade) in undergraduate degree is required but students with less than a 3.0 may be considered for conditional admission in special circumstances.
  3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores if undergraduate GPA is below 3.0.
  4. Three letters of reference that address qualifications and potential as a teacher.
  5. A vitae/resume.
  6. Four-to-five-page essay indicating: reasons for wanting to become a teacher, assessment of academic and personal strengths relative to teaching, future plans and reasons for selecting the elementary post-baccalaureate program.

School of Education Requirements:

Submit the following information directly to the School of Education, using School of Education forms:

  1. Alaska passing scores from the Praxis I exam in reading, writing and mathematics.
  2. Score from Praxis II exam (test 0014). Achieving Alaska passing score is not required.
  3. Completed academic analysis form to provide information on breadth and depth of prior course work relative to 10 Alaska Student Content Standard areas.
  4. If additional course work is required, it must be completed prior to beginning the program.
  5. Extemporaneous writing sample, autobiography, evidence of technology competence, evidence of successful paid or volunteer teaching/learning experience, evidence of successful cross-cultural experience.
  6. Evidence of technology competence through successful completion of ED 237 or by successfully challenging each of the four components of the two-credit course.
  7. Completed Alaska Department of Education and Early Development authorization packet (fingerprint cards and criminal background check necessary to work in schools). Packet is available from the School of Education.
  8. Some school districts may require interns to submit a physical examination form.

Program Requirements:

  1. During the summer semester complete the following graduate level credits; or complete ED 110, 201, 330, 410 and EDSE 482 prior to Aug. 1 of the internship year.
    ED 624--Foundations of Education in Alaska: From Segregation to Standards*--3 credits
    ED 625--Exceptional Learners and Child Development: Individual and Cultural Characteristics--3 credits
    ED 626--Teaching Reading, Writing and Language Arts--3 credits
    * ED 624 meets the state of Alaska requirement for an approved multicultural/cross-cultural communication course.
  2. During the fall semester complete the following:
    ED 411--Reading, Writing, Language Arts: Methods and Curriculum Development--3 credits
    ED 412W--Integrated Social Studies and Language Arts: Methods and Curriculum Development--3 credits
    ED 466--Internship and Collaborative Student Teaching--3 credits
    ED 467--Synthesizing the Standards I--1 credits
    ED 478/678--Mathematics Methods and Curriculum Development--2 credits
    ED 479/688--Science Methods and Curriculum Development--2 credits
  3. During the spring semester complete the following:
    ED 310--Art, Music and Drama in the Elementary Classroom--2 credits
    ED 327--Physical Education and Health Education for Elementary Teachers--2 credits
    ED 468O--Internship and Student Teaching--6 credits
    ED 469--Synthesizing the Standards II--2 credits
  4. Minimum credits required--35 credits