UAF School of Education Counseling Program

Program Overview

The graduate program in counseling prepares individuals to become either professional school counselors or licensable community counselors. The program assumes a developmental approach, preparing counselors-in-training to guide children, youth and adults in age-appropriate developmental tasks. Emphasis is on the development of general problem-solving skills to assist individuals in achieving their educational, career and personal goals. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees in education or one of the helping professions such as human services, psychology, or social work may apply to the master’s program. Other undergraduate degrees may be considered acceptable based on applicant work or personal experience. Completion of the master’s degree leads to certification as an elementary, secondary or K-12 professional school counselor or provides a degree in community counseling.

School Counselor Certification Program

A certification only program is also available. The certification program is designed to meet state certification requirements for those people who already hold a master’s degree in education or one of the helping professions.

Special Rural Emphasis

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Counseling Program recognizes the need for school and community counselors who are prepared to respond to the special needs of rural and multicultural communities. Special emphasis is placed on preparing counselors to work effectively within the school and community context to enhance the development of rural students and assist other individuals.

A Springboard to State Licenses

For those individuals who desire to work as counselors outside of the school setting, it is possible to become licensed by the State of Alaska as a Licensed Professional Counselor. This license permits an individual to practice counseling in a variety of settings, including being a private practitioner. To acquire this license an individual must meet additional requirements beyond the master’s degree as set forth by the state.


Jane Monahan, Graduate Advisor, 907-474-5362