Background on Northern Access into U-Med Road Project

 What is the U-Med District?

The U-Med District circumferences from Boniface Parkway to Northern Lights Boulevard to Lake Otis Parkway to Tudor Road. Total, the district stretches around 1,130 acres of land.

The U-Med District is one of the largest areas of employment in Anchorage and it is expected to keep growing over the next 20 years. It contains two universities and multiple medical facilities. Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC), and Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC), Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API), and South-Central Foundation (SFC) are all medical facilities located within the U-Med District, plus more. The area also includes multiple educational intuitions with University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and Alaska Pacific University (APU) along with three schools within the Anchorage School District (ASD); King Career Center, Lake Otis Elementary and Wendler Junior High School. East Anchorage High School is right outside of the U-Med boundary, on Northern Lights Boulevard and Boniface Parkway.

With the growing population and employment in the area, traffic congestion is projected to rise.  According to the Reconnaissance Study Report, 1 out of every 9 jobs is located within the U-Med District. In addition to the several medical and educational institutions in the area, the U-Med District is also home to highly used trails such as the Chester Creek Trail which connects to trails around the city. The U-Med District is also home to College Gate neighborhood, a large residential area to the east.

The purpose of the Northern Access project is an effort to improve northern and eastern transportation access into the University and Medical District (U-Med).