Aleutian Islands Research

Description: My thesis project is an investigation of the phylogenetic beta diversity between island plant assemblages in the Western Aleutian Islands.  I've spent two month-long field seasons on Buldir Island investigating the community composition in relation to seabird influence, and I have collected on Attu Island, Kiska Island, Rat Island, Gareloi Island, and Adak Island. 

I use a mix of historical data from online databases such as ARCTOS, published data, and my own collections to build plant inventories for each island in my area of study.  I use informatics programs such as Phylocom and Fast Unifrac to analyze my phylogenetic database, which is created from my applying APG3 information to my plant inventories.  

Funding: My project has been supported by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service via the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and through an Alaska EPSCOR grant