Alaskan Botany

ARCTOS database - Freely available access to the UA Museum of The North's collections, including 200,000+ imaged collections of Alaskan plants

Alaska Natural Heritage Program - UAA affiliated group that investigates rare and invasive Alaskan plant species

Alaska Native Plant Society - A very enthusiastic group of Anchorage-based Alaskan botanists both professional and amateur 

Dr. Steffi M. Ickert-Bond's website - My adviser, curator of the UA herbarium (ALA) and Associate professor of Botany (Biology & Wildlife/IAB)

Annotated Checklist of the Pan-Arctic Flora - A decades-long collaborative project between botanists across the arctic


Phylocom - software for the analysis of phylogenetic community structure and character evolution

Unifrac/Fast Unifrac - software for the comparison of communities using phylogenetic information

Cipres Portal - A national resource for phyloinformatics and computational phylogenetics

UAF Life Science Informatics - Computational portal for UA students/staff

Useful Sites for Botanists

Tropicos - The Mobot database of plant nomenclature

Flora of North America Project - The ongoing project which describes the entire North American flora in one published volume

JSTOR Plant Science - Incredibly useful database of images and information - including a searchable database of type specimen images

USDA Plants Database - A database of US plants that includes an abundance of agricultural/propagation information for some species

Biogeomancer - A suite of software tools that help researchers collect and use geospatial data for biological collections

Systematic Botany

Anki - "Intelligent" flashcards program to leverage spaced repetition learning.  Also available for Android and iOS

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