I am a graduate student in the Department of Biology & Wildlife/IAB at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I began my graduate studies in Summer 2010, with the goal of achieving a masters degree in Biological Sciences.  

My adviser is Dr. Steffi Ickert-Bond, UAF associate professor of Botany (Biology & Wildlife/IAB) and curator of the Herbarium at the UA Museum of The North (ALA).

I am a lifelong Alaskan, considering both Homer and Ninilchik my "hometown." Before entering graduate school I was a seasonal commercial fisherman, harvesting salmon, halibut, and eulachon from 2001-2009.   I received my B.S. in Biological Sciences from UAF in December, 2009.

My masters thesis is an investigation of the historically limiting factors on plant distribution in the western end of Alaska's Aleutian Islands.  

My first field season was spent investigating how the vegetation of a particular Aleutian island, Buldir Island, is affected by its dense seabird populations. 

The Alpine Forget-Me-Not
I am also conducting a molecular study on the genus Eritrichium, commonly called the Alpine Forget-Me-Not.  

This study began as an undergraduate project to delineate the three Alaskan representatives of the genus, but has expanded to include the two putative species in the Rocky Mountains as well as several Eritrichium species from Russia and Europe.  

More information on my research can be found here


I am currently employed as a teaching assistant for the UAF Biology & Wildlife Department.  I teach the lab portion of the Fundamentals of Biology course (BIOL 115-116), and I have taught the Systematic Botany lab (BIOL 331), for which I have renewed and rebuilt the teaching collection.  Data for the Spring 2012 Systematic Botany lab can be found under "Systematic Botany" in the navigation bar or by clicking here

While I'm not collecting plants or doing fieldwork, I have been employed summer 2010-2011 as a lab mentor for the Rural Alaska Honors Institute II (RAHI II) program.  I greatly enjoy teaching and I hope to continue teaching in some capacity in my career after graduate school. 

  • University of Alaska Howenstein Field Research Grant 2011-2012


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