Receive Live Tutorials over the Web |

If you are unable to make it to our physical location, we can still serve your tutorial needs. Sign up for a tutorial session by going through the steps outlined below (they should take only a few minutes, and you will only have to complete the first three for your first tutorial; after your first tutorial you may skip to step 4). The final step is for you to send us a draft of the paper you are working on for comments at least 12 hours ahead of the tutorial date you signed up for. Please do not sign up for a tutorial before you have a draft for the tutor to work on. 

Note: If you at any time encounter problems with the Hangout Window once you've gotten through these steps, please refer to this Settings and Troubleshooting Guide.


If you already have Google+ with your UA gmail account, you may proceed to step 4. If not, follow steps 1 - 3 to sign up for Google+. 

1.  Sign into your UA (email) account. You may do this by clicking here, or by clicking on the polar bear icon, below:

2.  From your UA account, sign up for Google+ (you don't have to put in extensive information; just enough to create the profile). You may do this by clicking the "+You" link to the very top left of your UA email page, or by clicking the icon below. Note: You may be asked to sign in twice, once in Google+, and once in the UA system. Be sure to use your UA username and password for both.


3.  While you're in Google+, click on the word "Hangouts" to the upper right of the window, unless the Hangouts sidebar is already open. Then start a Hangout ("Start a Video Party" at the bottom of the Hangouts sidebar). You will be prompted to download a plugin, which, when installed, will ready your computer for the tutorial. (Note: This step is simply to get the plugin download step out of the way for your first tutorial; after your first tutorial, you do not need to do this, or any of the preceding, steps.)


4.  Click the Tutorial icon to access the signup form:

Within the signup form, pick a date which suits your needs for the tutorial.

5.  Submit or share your document to at least 12 hours before your scheduled tutorial. In the Subject field of your email, please give your last name and the date of the tutorial you signed up for. It should look like so: "Last Name, Date of Tutorial". Please also supply your phone-number in the email. If you do not do this, we may miss your email!

6.  When the time you signed up for comes around, log into Google+ and wait for the tutor to invite you to the Writing Center Hangout for the tutorial to begin. You will see a blue box appear in the upper left-hand corner of the Google+ window, indicating a new notification. Click the blue box to bring down the notification, and it will be a request to hangout submitted by one of the tutors who work at the Learning Center. The invitation will come from the tutor's Google+ account, not from the CTC account. Click "Join," and you will be in!

Once in the Hangout...



3.  Finally, after the tutorial, you will be directed to download the document containing your work, complete with all comments and changes made during the tutorial, as a Word Doc!